Faster & Simpler Phone Repair!

No Tech, No Fixing & No Waiting with Xchange-Repair™ by Kix Mobile!

Take advantage of the shift to replacement rather than repair – Kix Mobile Xchange-Repair™ is a new and innovative approach to device sales and repair by providing fast and easy device and data exchange for one low price. Typically comparable to a standard repair shop fee!

I.E. You hand us your iPhone or Droid with a broken camera and we hand you back a high quality refurbished phone with your data restored for an affordable flat fee! Why wait for hours to get your mobile device repaired? When we will swap it out and have you on your way in minutes!

And an added BONUS – you can upgrade your memory, change colors, or change brands at the same time for an additional cost. A service that no traditional repair shop can offer!